Site Under Development

Thank you for visiting this site.  The course is under development for 2019.  Please visit again soon when the site will be active and accepting registrations.

The quiz at the end of each model is downloaded from the website (in pdf format). You will need to print it out, complete the answers. Then you can either scan or take picture and email it to us. We hope to make the quiz available online in the future. 

The final exam will be emailed when you finish the course. You will need to advise us by email that you wish to take the final exam. You will have a time limit to complete the final exam (usually we give you a week to allow for your schedule). It will need to be downloaded (in pdf format) and printed. You will need to write your answers as there will be questions that require writing. Then you can scan or photograph your exam to return it by email, or you can send it by mail. 

There is no fee for the quizes or final exam, the fees are included in your course fees. 

If you should not pass the final exam the first time we will provide you one extra opportunity to complete the exam at no extra charge. But you must wait 2 weeks before you can take the exam again. If you still need more opportunities there will be a $50 exam fee to pay for each additional opportunity. There is still the 2-week waiting period between exam taking. 

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