This site is still under final stages of development.

Please do not click on BUY NOW at this time. 

You cannot sign-up for this course yet. 

The new course will be available by the end of September 2019

Q: What format are the lessons?

The lessons are in the format of a video lesson.  Each module has two or three videos. Each video is 15-20 minutes long. The videos are played on-demand (that means at your own speed and when you want to watch them). You can pause the video any time, you can even replay the video again to go over things you might not understand.

On the website there will be links to download handouts and learning materials. It is expected you will download these and have them available to refer to while you are watching the videos. Some of the downloads are best used if you print them out and have your pen ready to make notes. But if you don't want to print them out then you can refer to them online.

We hope that when you are watching a video you will put yourself into a place where you can focus your attention. Have a pen and notepaper handy for taking notes. 

We welcome questions from you. During the time you are watching the videos if you have questions please be sure to send them by email. We will attempt to respond to the questions as quickly as we can. 

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