This site is still under final stages of development.

Please do not click on BUY NOW at this time. 

You cannot sign-up for this course yet. 

The new course will be available by the end of September 2019

Q: What does the fee include?

The fee is all inclusive and includes:

    • All of the modules and lessons (you may watch the videos over and over, and at your own schedule)
    • All of the handouts and learning materials
    • Each module has a quiz, it's included
    • Final exam
    • A certificate to put into your resume

We also will maintain your student record for 5 years after completion. If at any time you wish to get a copy of your certificate you may request it (there will be a printing and mailing fee).

Once you are registered you will also have access to additional learning materials, as they become available, from the web site -- material that will only be available to you, not the general public.

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