Hi, I'm Paul Donovan, your instructor for the Canadian Bank Teller Certificate Program.

 I am an entrepreneur, for over 40 years. Either working on my own business or with my father in his businesses. In those years I've dealt with a lot of banks, encountered many Bank Tellers and written a lot of cheques. Does this make me an expert in how to be an excellent Bank Teller? Let's see!

I love to teach. I've taught all ages English as a Second Language in overseas countries, and right here in Vancouver. I've taught computer skills to young people, older people returning to the work force and foreign language students. I love to teach. I love to help people. And I have a heart for seeing people get good jobs -- in this case in a bank as a Canadian Bank Teller. 

90% of being an excellent Bank Teller is the level of Customer Service you can provide to your clients.

These are the people who are entrusting you with their money. You have to constantly strive to be efficient and precise. It usually isn't how well you can handle cash, but how comfortable you can make your client feel as you are handling their money, or updating their bank account. 

I had the priviledge of teaching this course a few years ago at a private business college in Vancouver. Over the course of time I took a very rough course curriculum, mostly based on US banking systems, and upgraded it to make it truly Canadian. Made it relevant to being a Canadian Bank Teller. 

Dozens of students sat through my classes in a typical classroom environment. Most went away after completing the course and landed jobs at banks and credit unions in the Metro Vancouver area. When they went for their job interview at the bank or credit union they were proud to show off their certificate, and the banks were happy to have these specially trained people coming into their bank or credit union. I'm not allowed to name any bank or credit union that has hired the graduates from my course, but the rate of successful employment of graduates was well over 80% (sorry I can't prove this).

When the business school closed a few years ago I was able to bring with me the curriculum. Since then I've added to the curriculum to bring it up to date. And now I am going to teach you how to prepare to be a Canadian Bank Teller by offering these classes one more time. 


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