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What is a Bank Teller?

For hundreds of years we saw Bank Tellers often in our daily life. Before the days of ATM\'s and Online Banking and Interac we used to have to visit a bank to get cash, make deposits and get loans or mortgages. Today it is really a different reality. Today a Bank Teller is often called a Customer Service Representative, because today the Bank Teller is often the person who becomes our advisor and consultant about our banking and financing needs. We rarely even have to go into a bank any more. Online banking, ATM\'s and telephone service have taken the need of going into a bank almost unnecesary. 

Today Bank Tellers (in Canada) still do daily banking services -- cashing cheques, withdrawing and depositing cash and cheques, and bill payments. But more and more today Bank Tellers (in Canada) are being asked to provide referrals and advice to customers, to be alert to the customers\' needs, including loans, investments and other financial activities. That is why this course is so important.

In this course we will give you background in the history of banking in Canada. And more importantly to help you understand how today\'s banks are so different than banks of old. We\'ll give you an understanding about banking products, banking services. And we\'ll teaching how to give Excellent Customer Service, which is the main task of a Bank Teller (in Canada) today.

  What is a Bank Teller?

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