Welcome to the Canadian Bank Teller Certificate program. This completely On-Line course is scheduled to open at the same time as Canada is celebrating it's 150th anniversary of confederation.

If you book your course before midnight on July 2, 2017 you will receive $150 off the online course fee and be ready to start the course on Monday, July 3, 2017. The regular course fee is $649. GST will be charged extra. 

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This course will have 10 modules, some modules with 2 or 3 video lessons. A typical video lesson will be between 15 and 20 minutes long. There will be notes you can download to go along with the video lessons. 

Once you have completed and submitted your module quizzes we will send you a final exam for you to complete. This exam will be an open-book exam that you take at your leisure -- you must complete and submit the answer sheet within 2 weeks of receipt. Upon successful completion of the exam a certificate will be mailed to you.

All participants will have a contact email address to send questions to the instructor. Responses will typically come back within 2 business days of receipt. 

Take advantage of this significant discount before midnight on July 2, 2017 and let's celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary together.

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Contact Information:
Canadian Bank Teller Certificate
c/o Living Productions Inc.
2170-1851 Savage Road
Richmond, BC V6V 2R6

Tel: 604-837-7953
Email: info@canadianbankteller.ca