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The ALL NEW 2020-2023 edition of the Canadian Bank Teller Certification introduces students to the basic elements needed for entering the bank as a Bank Teller. You will be introduced to the qualifications and responsibilities of a Bank Teller.

This certification will provide you with the skills needed for anyone looking for a foot-in-the-door of the banking industry. Current Bank Tellers might even consider this course as a means to improve their productivity and become more valuable.

Disclaimer: This program is NOT a requirement to get a job as a Bank Teller. It is a tool to assist you in showing that you are serious about working in the banking industry. 

Students who complete this certification will demonstrate their interest in the banking industry. They will understand things like:

  • Fundamental banking and business concepts
  • Demonstrate appropriate human relations skills
  • Understand different kinds of financial institutions, banking products and services and more
  • Be aware of security and safety issues in a financial institution

This certification will prepare you for work as a Bank Teller – part-time or full-time – at financial institutions across the country. This is a foundation that can provide an opportunity for a long-term career in the banking industry. The need for Bank Tellers is continuing to grow as banks are opening more branches, opening more hours. Being a Bank Teller can also allow you to have flexible working hours.

Having a certification like the Canadian Bank Teller Certification will give you the edge when you apply for a job at financial institutions. You can prove to your employer that you are serious in your desire to work with them, and your future career in banking.

This certification has seven modules. They include:

  • Banking History – a look at how banks have developed over the last 200 or more years in Canada
  • Banking Today – how do banks operate today in our new digital world
  • Products & Services – There are so many things that banks offer, some that are new in financial institutions. We will go over the most common ones.
  • Excellent Customer Service – It’s all about how the customer is treated by you, smiles go a long way to building customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Business Etiquette – This is about how we “should” do things in business
  • Business Ethics – this is about how we “must” do things in business. Not just the laws but the code of ethics and conduct.
  • Working with co-workers – Customer service is how we deal with the customers, but we also have to learn how to work with our co-workers, that relationship is vital to how the bank and branch operate.

Are you ready to stand out from other applicants for a job as a Bank Teller? And especially as a Canadian Bank Teller? Signup today for a FREE student account on our website. Take the FREE introductory lesson and FREE sample lesson. Then signup for the full course by paying your fees.

Take the first step in your new career as a Canadian Bank Teller. Demonstrate your interest in the banking industry.


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